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Tue, Jan 09


Fort Collins

How to Heal in Midlife: Group In-Person Program for Women

More often than not we need to sit in a circle with like-minded women, actively listening for those things that make us human. My most popular group program is 12 weeks of in-person connection + sound healing + transformation. Best pricing ENDS NOV. 30.

How to Heal in Midlife: Group In-Person Program for Women
How to Heal in Midlife: Group In-Person Program for Women

Time & Location

Jan 09, 2024, 6:30 PM – Apr 02, 2024, 8:30 PM

Fort Collins, 3616 Soderburg Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA

About the event


 Are you ready to heal?

Click here to learn more about the women with whom I partner.

This session runs from Jan 9 - April 2,  Meeting on Tuesdays 6:30pm.  Join us for real connection, guidance,  and transformation in Northern Colorado!

Your body speaks!  Listen. Your symptoms are the best way that it has of communicating that it needs your attention. Do something different! Prioritizing your health and well-being is self-respect.  Up to 80% of disease is caused by lifestyle choices, those choices include physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, financial and social activities, and can be conscious or unconscious choices.  Whether or not you believe it or buy into it, every choice you make has an impact on your health. You can choose to make choices that improve your health and well-being or you can choose to make choices that cause dis-ease in your health and well-being.  With this program you can learn to align with what your mind and body truly crave in order to heal.  You were built for this. It's time to tune back in if you want to feel better. 

You can think of it as a weekly, women's retreat to start your week off feeling focused, healthy, motivated, and connected.   Though there will be actionable and customizable steps you can practice in between our time together, our once a week meeting, all by itself, will provide you with all the tools you need to begin to feel better right away.  Don't wait, reserve your self-care spot today. 

What you are feeling is real and it is profound, and it is important. 

  • Do you feel there is something keeping you from doing and/or feeling your best?
  • Do you feel like you have been working towards your physical health and mental wellness goals but not gaining traction?
  • Do you feel like you are a little TOO in your head and unable to relax or let go of something?
  • Do you experience brain fog, weight gain, low energy, or poor sleep ?
  • Do you experience belly bloating/digestive issues, or feel generally unwell?
  • Do you have a chronic health condition that you're unable to manage?
  • Have you been told to exercise more and eat less, comply and receive no benefit?
  • Are you using unhealthy means to soothe your discomfort?
  • Are you feeling hypervigilant, overreactive, overwhelmed or disenchanted, disconnected from self and others?
  • Are you judging yourself harshly for not knowing what to do or being able to take action? 
  • Are you an overanalyzer, looking at something from every angle and unable to make up your mind before the clock runs out?
  • Would you like to soften the impact that modern life has on you?
  • This group program can help for about the cost of a weekend retreat or less! 
  • What if you could begin to feel better by something you do just once per week?
  • Are you willing to commit to ONE DAY per week to change your life? This one day creates positive ripples throughout the rest of your week, month, year.  And, not only will it have positive effects on your life, but those you love and interact. Awake conciousness awakens conciousness. Our time spent together actually buys you time, and becomes a gift to others as well.
  • *Private, personal program also offered. TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE > PRIVATE, PERSONAL PROGRAM

Nothing changes if nothing changes - 

"It is a most human thing to say I am in trouble, and I need help." JLC

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love a good, day or weekend wellness retreat!  They are great for relaxing and getting some clarity or having aha moments but oftentimes they just don't provide the momentum to bring forth real change.  There is typically no or little follow-up or expert guidance once the retreat ends.  My 12 week group program, How to Heal in Midlife, provides the guidance and longer term support to help you create sustainable change to improve your well-being for less than the cost of many of those weekend retreats.


"I came away with profound insights and a newfound sense of community and self-compassion. I haven't felt this good in years and it shows."  H.M. Windsor

"I am so glad that this offering came into my awareness and I didn't overthink it and let it pass by. Patty has been a wealth of eye-opening knowledge around the struggles of mid-life and how to tackle them. She is very in tune to what is missing in our lives. The group that I shared time with became such a blessing that I couldn't wait to see them each week. We will be friends forever! I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the space that Patty has created to facilitate this transfomation.  Every time I entered, I always felt like I was somewhere special. Her space was welcome, warm and vibrating with healing energy. Oh, and the gongs are utterly amazing! This was my first experience with gongs (I'd tried singing bowls before, but eh!).  The gongs are going to blow your mind! There really aren't words to describe how intelligent and healing they are.  I hope you get to try it soon!"  K.P. Broomfield

"If you're going to get off your ass and take some action toward healing, this is the place to do it! I am forever changed by Patty and her gongs. I feel like I now have a healthy future in my sights."  S.R. Greeley

"Patty and the gongs are magic. What are you waiting for?" N.D. Loveland

"Don't wait any longer. Take the plunge, commit to one day per week and enjoy the journey for a change." D.L. Fort Collins

"This program is wayyyy underpriced and worth several times the amount Patty charges.  Get out of your own way and get to healing." M.M. Cheyenne 

"After my first session even my husband noticed a big difference in my mood and functioning. He kept asking if he could come along."  What Patty does is truly life changing." D.L. Evans

Why should I join a group program? 

☀️ We are a tribal species and need meaningful connection in our lives in order to have optimal health and well-being. 

☀️ Research shows that we heal faster and deeper with meaningful, community connection.

☀️ With a group approach, we intentionally bring together an array of perspectives, experience, and understanding.  

☀️ Many women who attend these group sessions find they develop common bonds that are very therapeutic.   

☀️ Our small group setting can bring comfort in knowing that other people get you.  

☀️ Our small group sessions can help you learn about yourself as you begin to listen and understand more about other people’s struggles. 

☀️ Our small group sessions can be very beneficial in terms of gaining insight that you may not otherwise be able to see.  The bottom line, growth is rewarding, and group connection can help you achieve it.

☀️ It is more financially attainable for most with increased positive outcomes for each participants.

WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM HEALING? MOST OFTEN, IT IS YOURSELF!  You either don't know that you can heal, or you don't want to.  I know that these words are often hard to hear and believe me, I was quite angry when I first heard them.  Of course I wanted to heal.  I was doing everything I thought possible. I sat with those words for a while. They ruminated in my head for weeks. I dreamt about them and argued with them.    Eventually, I came to the realization that they were some of the truest words ever spoken and I surrendered to them. THIS WAS A MAJOR TURNING POINT IN MY HEALTH.  What I learned is that energetically and unconcsiously, we often put the "blame" on external factors because addressing what is deep inside of us can be more scary than staying stuck in the discomfort. This applies to physical ailments as well as mental wellness.  On the surface, I wanted to heal but deep down there were energetic blocks that I was holding onto that I wasn't ready to acknowledge.  Through this awareness and with a nonconventional approach, I got through it, my life is forever changed, and I now help others do the same.  There is no easy fix to complicated issues. Aligning your natural rhythms + connection and consistency, while deeply relaxing your mind & body through sound healing, will create a noticeable shift in your health and well-being as you begin to heal.  You are not destined to feel sick physically, emotionally, mentally, for the rest of your life.  Come learn a new way of being!

NOT SURE IF YOU'RE IN MIDLIFE?  HOW ABOUT MIDJOURNEY? Are you somewhere between the ages of 35-75? Join me if any of the above "symptoms", resonates with you. There is something valuable here for you! You are welcome here! You can begin to feel better now!

My most popular group program is 12 WEEKS OF IN-PERSON sesssions, meeting once per week with access to me and the group for support in between. 

We meet on Tuesday evenings 6:30pm, every week in-person. You will be given support resources to take advantage of  in between our sessions, keeping the momentum going.   You can start your week off feeling focused, motivated and connected. These groups really bond!  You'll also have access to me and the group for additional support between sessions.  


❤️ Learn how many of your lifestyle and daily routines are creating havoc on your natural rhythms, increasing stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances, all leading to more stress, poor energy, weight gain, poor health AND EVEN UNHEALTHY THINKING and more!

❤️ Reconnect with your innate rhythms and REALIGN your mind/body for optimal whole, mind, body and spirit health.​

❤️ Get SUPPORT while you master techniques and strategies to achieve improved well-being.

❤️ Regain your ENERGY, reduce or eliminate the blocks so that you can play with your kids/dogs/mate, and/or get back to the movement your body/mind/spirit once enjoyed. 

❤️ Increase VITALITY & grow and live a more intentional life.

❤️ Experience positive changes in MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT to allow you to embody your best self so that you can be present for family and friends and thrive!

This program is for you:

❤️ If you need someone who knows what you're going through, has been in trenches and recovered, to provide personalized guidance and support to get you feeling better now then this program is for you!

❤️  If you want PRACTICAL ACTION STEPS and GUIDANCE to help move you forward, this program is for you!

❤️  If you need SUPPORT and the added benefits of MEANINGFUL CONNECTION WITH OTHERS while you master strategies to achieve better health, this program is for you!

❤️  If you feel like you are hypervigiliant in your relationships, an anxious perfectionist or just feel overwhelmed with navigating a modern lifestyle, this program is for you!

❤️ If you want to experience POSITIVE CHANGES in MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT to allow you to embody your best self so that you can be present for family and friends and thrive, this program is for you!

❤️If you are looking for a way to connect with and learn from other women in a non-alcohol environment, have meaningful conversations around health, wellness and the challenges of being a woman in this modern world, this program is for you. 

💕 An amazing, low cost investment AND/OR holiday gift to self or loved ones! *** EARLIEST RESERVE gets best pricing $504 or take advantage of my 2 or 3 payment plan option.  For comparison, my private program sells for $1397, so you SAVE over $700 Plus you get the benefit of group connection, which in my opinion is one of the most valuable parts of the program.  As the U.S. Surgeon General has declared that we are in an epidemic of disconnection. I see this in my clients daily. So many are frozen in pattern that they want to escape but don't know how.  My group program can help you breakthrough any resistance so that you can move forward comfortably rathern than stay comfortably uncomfortable.   

My professional guidance and our group support of like-minded women can help eliminate any feelings of isolation, provide direction and accountability, and can be deeply impactful.  When you know you're not alone in life's challenges, it can empower you to work through them and lead to positive outcomes.  Groups are oriented toward trust, curiosity, accountability, and community.  Be open to unlimited possibilities! 

If you are ready to feel better now and commit to ONE DAY per week for transformation sign up to take advantage of the Early Bird savings! 

👍 Take a moment to self reflect: 

  • What are my strengths & weaknesses as a woman, man, mom, dad, partner, friend, etc.?  What areas of life am strong? What areas need improvement?  Am I ready to take action?

  • What are my personal and professional goals?  Am I able to set and follow through with short/long term goals for my career and personal life? Am I ready to live with intention?

  • Can I maintain work/life balance?   How does my workload affect my personal life? Does my career overwhelm me?  Can I avoid burnout?

  • Am I authentically supported?  Do I have a reliable support systems in place with people that understand my needs and help me gain perspective? Can I connect with them as needed?

  • Am I HONESTLY acknowledging and CARING for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health?  Does my activity level, daily routines, eating habits, emotional and mental states, relationships, and sleep patterns add to or subtract from my well-being?  Can I to tune into my mind, body, and spirit needs and take action where warranted? Do I feel physically unwell?

  • Do I experience joy often in my life?   Am I often able to practice and participate in hobbies and interests that spark creativity, elicit happiness, foster connection and balance?

What you're going through, I know it well.  I have been there. My body seemed to fall apart quickly and my mental wellness tanked right along  with it or maybe even before it.  Actually, I learned that my mental toughness, which I thought was my power, wasn't always of benefit and contributed to some of my suffering. I know now that sinking to the bottom in order to rise to the top, made a difference for me. For years, I was challenged by weight gain, no energy, skin issues, headaches, anxiety and worry, and so much more. There were many days when I would not have cared if I died. I was that miserable. While working full-time, raising kids and doing all the things I was "supposed" to do to be happy and healthy, my days were consumed by how bad I felt, how bad I thought I looked, and what the hell was wrong with me.  It was overwhelming and I felt as though things would never get better. It was hard for me to find a shred of happiness and hope.  I went to bed exhausted and medicated EVERY NIGHT! I was really good at faking my happiness, and productiveness however. No one really new how deep in despair I was.  Eventually, through lots of self-exploration, I began realizing I  was focusing so hard on the symptoms that I missed the root cause.  One day, when I thought I couldn't take it any longer I ventured onto something new and very different from all the other things that I had tried (I share all this with you in the program and how I turned things around).  Slowly, with LOTS of support, I began to see things differently and began to believe that feeling better was actually possible. Little by little I created real, sustainable change and I started healing, REALLY healing.  As they say, the rest is history. Being a teacher,  I knew I had educate, to let other women know how to feel better, that it was possible!  If I could do it, then they could too! I tapped back into my human sciences background, became a Certified Health & Life Coach, and Sound Healing Facilitator so that I could help others just like me. This is my life's calling. 

Today, I support women who seem to be fighting (and feel like they are losing) the battle with mind and body. I provide a program and guidance to women who are feeling anxious, stressed, unfulfilled with low energy and motivation, aligning them with their essential, life-giving rhythms (this is not about menstrual cycles) with my 8 principles of health, restoring radiance and balance so they can live energized, spirited,  and capable of working and playing as their desires command. How to Heal in Midlife includes sound healing which is a powerful "medicine" that leads to a calm, rested mind, and healthy, aligned body.  Once you tune in, the tuning in comes naturally ❤️

Meet your Facilitator: 

After suffering physically and mentally most of her adult life and being given multiple medical diagnoses while dealing with chronic pain, unexplained weight gain and zero energy to live life,  she took matters into her own hands when conventional approaches failed her.  Eventually healing herself from a lifetime of health challenges by learning to align with her natural rhythms, and by following a mind, body & spirit road map. Since becoming a coach and sound healer she has helped many women discover what holds them back, and shift from beliefs and habits that keep them stuck in sickness to actions that create a life of health and optimal well-being.


*Private, personal program also offered. TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE > PRIVATE, PERSONAL PROGRAM

*This GROUP program is subject to minimum attendance requirement. If that requirement is not met, a new date/time will be arranged or you will receive a  refund or credit for the next session. If you are interested in this program but the time doesn't fit your schedule, please contact me. Sometimes it happens that we have other interest in a particular day/time and are able to organize a new group if our schedule allows. PLEASE CALL or EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS or would like to chat about the program to see if it fits your needs: or 970-344-9882

*Event takes place in my studio in the foothills, a scenic 20 minute drive from Fort Collins, near Horsetooth Reservoir. I have created a beautiful healing space for relaxation, contemplation, connection, and transformation.  There may be an option to meet periodically in Midtown Fort Collins if there is interest, once the group is established.

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Choose Ticket Type

  • Limited Offer Self-Investment

    LIMITED OFFER - ONLY 6 AVAILABLE. EXPIRES NOV. 30TH. 12 weeks in-person sessions = Self- investment in your health and well-being 2024!

    +$12.60 service fee
    Sale ended
  • EARLY BIRD Self-Investment

    Sale ends: Dec 24, 5:55 PM

    Expires Nov. 26. 12 weeks in-person sessions. Self- investment in your health and well-being in 2024

    +$13.50 service fee
  • 2 PAYMENT PLAN Self-Investment

    Sale ends: Dec 25, 9:00 PM

    USE THIS option to reserve your spot with a deposit payment. Your second payment $225 will be due by Jan. 1, 2024 to continue to hold your spot and commit to your healing TODAY! Includes a small processing fee.

    +$5.63 service fee
  • 3 PAYMENT PLAN Self-Investment

    Sale ends: Dec 25, 9:00 PM

    USE THIS option to reserve your spot with a single payment. Your second payment $183 will be due by Jan. 1, 2024 to continue to hold your spot and commit to your healing. Your 3rd payment $183 will be due Jan 30. Includes a small processing fee.

    +$4.58 service fee
  • Reg. Price Self-Investment

    12 weeks of in-person sessions = self- investment in your health and well-being 2024!

    +$17.48 service fee
    Goes on sale: Dec 24, 5:50 PM



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