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Thu, May 02


Fort Collins

Wisdom of Women - Circles + Sound

4 weeks of wisdom sharing and self-exploration when joining us in creation of another beautiful, healing, community of women who are ready for better well-being.

Wisdom of Women - Circles + Sound
Wisdom of Women - Circles + Sound

Time & Location

May 02, 2024, 6:30 PM – May 23, 2024, 8:30 PM

Fort Collins, 3616 Soderburg Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA

About this event

☀️☀️☀️  This is a closed group, admission by ticket only,  with a commitment to regular attendance to allow for quick creation of trust and comfort for deeper levels of sharing and meaningful connection only $31/session when you commit to all 4 sessions, only $36/session when you commit to the first 3 session,  or choose your individual session for $46/session.

In certain seasons of a Woman's life, she can often feel overwhelmed, forgotten, dismissed, isolated, and disconnected as her needs, bodies, views, and perceptions begin to's a wonderful world, but sometimes it's just hard!

During our time together you will:

❤️ Find a structured, safe, supportive, and confidential place for women to gather and grow - our topics will be deep and diverse,  ranging from spirituality, aging, physical and emotional health, relationships, loss, expectations, limitations, and more!

❤️ Develop meaningful connections with this small group that is oriented in trust, curiosity, compassion, and community, not following one dogma

❤️ Gain valuable insight by listening, sharing, and understanding other's experiences, views, and perspectives

❤️ Find creative solutions to the complexities of aging well as a wise woman

❤️ Indulge in a weekly, deep, introspective journey with sound healing to relax your body, clear your mind, and renew your spirit 

Your age doesn't matter. We can all learn from each other. WOMEN OF ALL AGES ARE WELCOME TO JOIN AS ALL WOMEN HAVE WISDOM TO SHARE AND NEED MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS throughout the many seasons of life. You are welcome here! 

If I had one message to share with the world it would be SLOW DOWN and CONNECT. 

  • Does it feel like life is moving too fast, and maybe you're missing out on your purpose or what really matters?
  • Are you feeling hypervigilant, overreactive, overwhelmed or disenchanted, disconnected from self and others?
  • Would you like to soften life's impact on you?
  • What if you could begin to feel better, more connected, and heard by something you do just once per week? It is possible! 
  • Are you willing to commit to ONE DAY per week to change your life? This one day creates positive ripples throughout the rest of your week, month, and year. Our time spent together buys you time and becomes a gift to others as you grow and heal.
  • Healing begins when you prioritize yourself!

Don't get me wrong, I love a good, day or weekend wellness retreat!  They are great for relaxing and getting some clarity or having aha moments but oftentimes they just don't provide the momentum to bring forth real change.  There is typically no or little follow-up or guidance once the retreat ends.  This 4-week, wisdom circles + sound series provides longer-term support to help you create sustainable change to improve your well-being for less than the cost of those weekend retreats. Bonus = you'll likely make new friends! 

👍 We are located near Horsetooth Mountain just west of Fort Collins. Please plan your trip accordingly to arrive 5-10 min early.

😊 We meet on Thursdays, May 2 - May 23 @ 6:00 pm for 4 weeks - *Weather permitting, we will gather outdoors for our circle in the beautiful foothills of Fort Collins, most likely moving indoors to the gong space for our gong journey. Everything is supplied, including mat, bolster, blanket, pillow, eye mask, and tea following. 

Why should you join?     Connection is the cure!

☀️ We are a tribal species and need meaningful connections in our lives to have optimal health and well-being.

☀️ With a group approach, we intentionally bring together an array of perspectives, experience, and understanding.

☀️ Many women who attend these group sessions find they develop common bonds that are very therapeutic.

☀️ Our small group setting can bring comfort in knowing that other people get you.

☀️ Our small group sessions can help you learn about yourself as you begin to listen and understand more about other people’s struggles.

☀️ When you know you're not alone in life's challenges, it can empower you to work through them and lead to positive outcomes.

Meaningful connections with like-minded others have shown to have a positive influence on:

  • Your brain: Increases the pleasure-inducing hormones in your brain; improves mental acuity, reduces depression
  • Your immune system: Boosts immune system function
  • Your life span: adds years to average life span
  • Your health:  can help to reduce alcohol consumption and smoking; reduce the chance of hospital stays; ameliorate pain and more


Meet your Facilitator: 

Patty Hayes, CHC, CSH, CSSC ~

A former teacher, Certified Health + Life Coach, and Sound Healer, I help provide realistic guidance for women who are facing challenges in midlife, feeling stressed, anxious, and disconnected, to reconnect with essential life rhythms, restoring balance and radiance so that they can live an energized, active life, to achieve their desired work and play goals. I teach classes, speak, and coach locally on Midlife Health + Wellness, and life management through mindfulness and nature connections. 

The Gongs:

In a gong session, 3-4 large gongs beautifully generate complex frequencies settling us into brain wave states typically associated with deep, restorative sleep and meditation...Where the body relaxes and heals, and the mind gets clarity and focus! In a world that never stops, it's so deeply impactful to just sit with yourself and accept all the feelings and emotions. The Gong softens our resistance to letting go, and makes transcending our cluttered minds easier.

  • During/after sessions people report:
  • Feeling of Intense joy & gratitude for life
  • Deep, spiritual connections
  • Profound clarity or knowing
  • Reduced anxiety & stress
  • Recalled Memory and/or focus
  • Deep emotional release
  • Cerebral High
  • Reduced pain
  • Deep, restful sleep + more


"I came away with profound insights and a newfound sense of community and self-compassion. I haven't felt this good in years and it shows."  H.M. Windsor

"I am so glad that this offering came into my awareness and I didn't overthink it and let it pass by. Patty and the group that I shared time with became such a blessing that I couldn't wait to see them each week. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the space that Patty has created to facilitate this transformation.  Every time I entered, I always felt like I was somewhere special. Her space was welcome, warm, and vibrating with healing energy. Oh, and the gongs are utterly amazing! This was my first experience with gongs (I'd tried singing bowls before, but eh!).  The gongs and Patty's unique playing style are going to blow your mind! There aren't words to describe how intelligent and healing they are.  I hope you get to try it soon!"  K.P. Broomfield

"Patty and the gongs are magic. What are you waiting for?" N.D. Loveland

"Don't wait any longer. Take the plunge, commit to one day per week, and enjoy the journey for a change." D.L. Fort Collins

"After my first session, even my husband noticed a big difference in my mood and functioning. He kept asking if he could come along."  What Patty does is truly life-changing." D.L. Evans

* If you are in need of connection and experiencing financial hardship please reach out for a possible sliding scale option to attend the circle. The event takes place in my studio in the foothills, a scenic 20-minute drive from Fort Collins, near Horsetooth Reservoir. I have created a beautiful healing space for relaxation, contemplation, connection, and transformation.  *No refunds/credits for unused sessions allow you to commit to creating healing connections.  Tickets may be transferrable before the first session begins.

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Choose Ticket Type

  • I need all 4 sessions $31/each

    Sale ends: Apr 28, 11:11 PM

    BEST PRICE! EXPIRES SOON or when sold out. 4 weeks of women's wisdom circles + introspective, gong journey each week, followed by tea. Event fees covered. ONLY $31/session May 2, 9, 16, 23.

  • First 3 Sessions Please $36ea

    Sale ends: Apr 28, 11:30 PM

    Available for a limited time or until sold out. Attendance for the first 3 sessions only of Women's wisdom circles + introspective, gong journey each week, followed by tea. $36/session May 2, 9, 16 only

  • Choose Individual Sessions$46

    Sale ends: May 22, 8:15 PM

    Circles + Sound - Limited available. Choose the date you want to attend.

    • $46.00
      +$1.15 service fee
    • $46.00
      +$1.15 service fee
    • $46.00
      +$1.15 service fee



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