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Book Private and Community Sessions

Personal and private group sessions can be booked here by clicking Book Personal and Private.

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Community Sessions can be booked by clicking Book Community Sessions

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Full Moon Gong -
June 2


Women's Group

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Restorative Yoga + Gong

SACRED CONNECTION A Meditation & Nature Healing Intensive 4 Women.png

Women's Retreat

June 9-11, 2023

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Learning & Healing with The Gong

If you've ever experienced a profound session with The Gong you know that it is a powerful instrument of whole body, mind, and spirit healing. Imagine having the ability to bring that healing into your home, on demand,  to heal yourself and loved ones.


Transcend -  A Sisterhood + Sound Healing
Women's Group Program

Group sound healing + sisterhood connection and support to help you transcend the bullshit!. Group meets Tuesdays @ 7pm.

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