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Flowers Exhibition
Flowers Exhibition

How to Heal in Midlife

8-Week, In Person, Women's Weekly Retreat 

This should be the greatest time of your life! Begin your journey of alignment now and prioritize your health and well-being through coaching, connection, and sound.  There's nothing quite like our midlife community program. Early reserve ends soon!

$100 off w/earliest reserve expires soon!

Lifelong friendship

Reported benefits from Gong Sessions with us:

Improved Sleep
Regained Focus & Clarity
Reduced Anxiety & Stress
Improved Concentration & Memory
Released Negative Emotions

Deep Spiritual Connections

Profound knowing or messages

Enhanced Creativity

Cerebral High
Improved Mood

Improved Digestion
Relieved & Reduced Pain

Stimulated Altered States of Consciousness
Less Reactive Behavior, More Proactive behavior

And So Much More ~

Have Gong Will Travel

Let us come to your place (home or business)! Schedule a unique and uplifting experience for your friends, family, or colleagues today! 

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