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Start Everyday Rested & Well

Programs for Well-being

Choose a program to improve your health and well-being and get the support necessary to achieve your health goals.

Sleep & Health Alignment

As a Certified Sleep & Health Coach,

and Certified Sound Healing Facilitator, 

I help women who feel

anxious, stressed, and low energy align

with their essential, life-giving rhythms 

to restore health and vital energy so they can feel renewed, serene, spirited and capable again

to work and play as their lifestyle and desires command. 


My most popular program to get you sleeping and feeling better!

If you're not sleeping deep or long enough you simply don't have optimal health. 

Sleep & Health Alignment, combined with sound healing, 

is a powerful combo that leads to a calm, rested mind and body and better health. 

Learning and connecting with me, a health coach who has been in the trenches and regained her health and life,  can help eliminate any feelings of 

isolation and be deeply impactful. When you know you're not alone in your health challenges,

it can empower you to work through difficult experiences that lead to positive outcomes.


Lack of sleep, anxiety, and stress are epidemic and major causes of disease and chronic illness. 

About one-third of the population has a sleep deficiency or disorder preventing them 

from having optimal health and well-being as well as potentially putting them at greater 

risk for accidents and lost productivity.


What to Expect Private Program: This is a 12

week journey to health - meeting once per week per your schedule. You have access to

me for additional support between sessions.


In this highly effective program, you learn how areas of your modern lifestyle and daily routines 

are creating blocks in your natural rhythms, increasing stress, anxiety, poor health (low energy, poor digestion, weight issues, skin conditions, hormone inbalances + more), and sleep disturbances, 

all leading to more stress, less energy and declining health.

With EACH session, you discover where your disconnect is taking place and use the 

knowledge, tools and my support to realign 

with your innate rhythms and realign your mind/body for optimal health. 

This is not a band-aid approach. 

You can create sustainable, long-term change

to improve your sleep and health.  


We complete each session with a 45 minute, double gong, sound healing that can

activate your parasympathetic nervous system, 

foster healing and deep relaxation,

improve your circulation and digestion, 

reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety, pain plus more.


These sound healing sessions are especially effective and can have long lasting positive

benefits that support a balanced system

and restorative sleep.

If you suffer from declining health, low energy,  lack of sleep, disordered or segmented sleep this program is designed for you. 

If you are anxious or stressed about your sleep, or your health in general, this program is for you!

Start now and learn to thrive again!

How much is your poor health, lack of sleep,

increased stress and anxiety costing you?  

Invest in sleep, invest in health.
Crazy Wise Healing!

Newborn Baby Sleeping

Coming Soon - Kickstart Your Health Transformational Workshop + Coaching


Transcend -  A Sisterhood + Sound Healing
Women's Group Program

Group sound healing + sisterhood connection and support to help you transcend the bullshit!. Group meets Tuesdays @ 7pm.

SACRED CONNECTION A Meditation & Nature Healing Intensive 4 Women.png

June 9-11, 2023

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