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Celebratory Occasions ?
Hire Rocky Mountain Gong Journeys

Gong in Love, Kindness & Compassion.

Want to LEVEL UP your occasion? You can still raise the vibration of your special event. We can provide delivery, setup and a gong facilitator to best create a unique experience for your guests.   


We facilitate more than gong meditations. Try us for weddings, birthdays and the like. Contact us about your special event.

Wedding Venue
50 years old. Gold balloons number 50th anniversary, happy birthday congratulations..jpg
Flowers Candles Funeral


Organs are ordinary and expected.  Hire The Gong, an extraordinary instrument to make a statement, welcome guests and the lucky couple down the aisle.

Get your guests' attention with a gong solo and seal your ceremony in love with a united gong strike.


Celebrating The Big One?  The Gong, with its bold appearance and complex frequencies is so much more sophisticated, way cooler and less violent :) than a piñata.

Celebrations of Life

The Gong is a highly transformational instrument that has been used for thousands of years in ceremonies, communication and to mark special events. 

Holding space and facilitated with love and intention, The Gong's complex sounds and vibrations provide deep healing, relaxing energy to be absorbed by all.

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