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Transcend - Sisterhood + Sound Healing

Honor your spirit+Transcend the BS w/ sisterhood support/connection + sound healing = transformation

  • Duration Varies
  • The Golden House

Service Description

Every change that ever moved me forward and brought me into my true self began with me becoming tired of my own bullshit! Tired of feeling not good enough. Tired of overthinking, letting anxiety/stress/poor health rule my days. Tired of telling myself stories that did not serve me. Tired of giving away my power and feeling disconnected ~ Patty Whatever path you are on, devote yourself to it! Prioritize YOU! You cannot heal in the same "place" that has created your suffering. YOU must do something different. This group is for you if you are ready to: Commit, connect, listen, grow, celebrate and step into your power! Connecting with self and others honors our spirits and innate needs. Learning, listening, sharing with like-minded women helps eliminate feelings of isolation, disconnection, and can be deeply impactful. When you know you're not alone in your life challenges, it can empower you to work through difficult experiences leading to healthy outcomes. This group is for you! During our time together, we gain insight and discover where the bullshit is that is keeping us from thriving. Surrounding ourselves with others of similar values helps us to create sustainable, long-term change to improve how we think, react and feel. Each session completes with double gong sound healing that fosters healing, deep relaxation, and can improve circulation, digestion, reduce stress, anxiety, pain + more.These sessions help ease you into a new way of being. We meet once per week. Choose your TUESDAY start $179 = ONLY $44/WK =4 consecutive weeks of connection. Renew as you like. *Must be available for all sessions. No make-ups for missed sessions. This is about committing to change. In a sound healing session 2 large gongs beautifully generate complex frequencies that "confound" the brain, settling us into brain wave states typically associated with deep, restorative sleep and meditation...Where the body relaxes and heals! During/after sessions women reported: Feeling of Intense joy & gratitude for life Deep, spiritual connections Profound clarity or knowing Reduced anxiety & stress Recalled Memory and/or focus Deep emotional release Cerebral High Relieved or reduced pain Deep, restful sleep + more Groups oriented toward trust, curiosity, accountability and problem solving, NOT following one dogma. Be open to unlimited possibilities! Facilitated by Patty, Certified Health & Life Coach. More about her on the About Page.

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Cancelation Policy

Please note: Please provide 48 hours notice prior to appointment for cancellations. There is a 3.5% Bank Transaction fee for any refund requests due to cancellation. Please be sure you can attend the appointment prior to scheduling. Service credits for emergency cancellations may be considered to be used at a later date (without fees) in place of refunds. No refunds for group program sessions not attended. Thank you for honoring our time. We look forward to hosting you.

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  • 3616 Soderburg Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA