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Natural Medicine Integration Series

4 Extended sessions scheduled within 2 months for use as ritual for mind, body, and spirit balance.

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • The Golden House

Service Description

Synthesize powerful insight from profound Natural Medicine Experiences! We offer 4 Extended sessions scheduled within 2 months for use as ritual for mind, body, and spirit balance after a Natural Medicine experience. A time to integrate new insights, beliefs, and behaviors. Clients also use this IN LIEU OF Natural Medicine. The Gong can work as a gateway to Natural Medicine, depending on the individual, offering similarities in experience and allowing you to ease into natural medicines if you choose. **No Natural Medicines are provided or used during these sessions. Package includes 1 hour gong meditation sound healing + extended silence, stillness, contemplation time after each session. Q&A, sharing after optional but recommended. Journal provided with each session for pre service check-in and post service reflection. During/after session benefits reported: Feeling of Intense joy & gratitude for life Profound understanding of The Universe Ego dissolution Sense of peace and deepest relaxation Deep, spiritual connections Profound clarity or knowing Reduced anxiety & stress Recalled Memory and/focus Deep emotional release Cerebral High Reduced or eliminated pain Deep, restful sleep + more We begin your session with guided relaxation to calm and prepare for deep healing, seated in a soft, comfortable chaise or mat of your liking and verbally guided into physical relaxation. You are then bathed in powerful sound and vibration, using our most effective, deep healing gongs. The complex frequencies of The Gongs ease your mind/body into a parasympathetic (rest, digest, repair) state, allowing thoughts to flow for gentle examination to help you grow and heal. Mats, pillows, bolsters, blankets and eye masks included. Bring your own if it feels right for you. Clients report how these sessions make all the difference in their progress and they look forward to their time with The Gong as each appointment is like a mini-retreat from the beautiful drive around the foothills reservoir to the inviting and peaceful energy of the space and practitioners. Dogs on premises at THE GOLDEN HOUSE - Our rescues, Yadi and Nova will happily greet you upon arrival and retreat to their space. They enjoy receiving The Gong and give it 2 paws up! Convenient scheduling hours makes it easy to use all sessions within 2 months allowing you to commit fully to your healing. No refunds on unused sessions. Service provided by Certified Health and Life Coach, CHC, CSH

Cancelation Policy

Please note: Please provide 48 hours notice prior to appointment for cancellations. There is a 3.5% Bank Transaction fee for ANY refund requests due to cancellation. Please be sure you can attend the session prior to scheduling. Service credits for emergency cancellations may be considered to be used at a later date (without fees) in place of refunds. No refunds for appointments, program sessions, retreats or workshops not attended. Programs, Retreats and Workshops require 10 day notice for refund request. Thank you for honoring our time. We look forward to hosting you.

Contact Details

  • 3616 Soderburg Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA


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