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Sleep Alignment - Women's Group Prgm

Includes group sound healing + professional support to realign the mind/body for sleep.

  • The Golden House

Service Description

Please email to request to reserve as this group fills fast. There may be a waitlist. Your body requires deep, restorative sleep to think, metabolize, repair and feel and think optimally. If you're not sleeping well, your body is not resting, digesting or repairing properly! What to Expect: We examine how our modern lifestyle and daily routines create havoc on our natural rhythms, increasing stress and anxiety, and sleep disturbances, all leading to more stress, less energy and poor health. With EACH session, you gain insight and discover where the blocks are that are keeping you anxious, stressed, and awake. You will then be able to use the knowledge, tools and support to realign with your innate rhythms and realign your mind/body for optimal health. This is not a band-aid approach. You can create sustainable, long-term change to improve your sleep and health.   We complete each class with a double gong, sound healing that can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, foster healing, deep relaxation, improve circulation and digestion, reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety, pain. These sessions often produce "The best sleep of my life." lasting for days, easing you into new rhythms. Choose your start day/date from available sessions and commit to 4 weeks of your program. Session dates will be consecutive weeks. *Must be available for all sessions. Sorry, no make-up sessions offered for group programs. In my sound healing sessions 2 gongs are used to beautifully generate complex frequencies that "confound" the brain, allowing it to settle into the brain wave states typically associated with deep, restorative sleep. *The positive effects can be LONG LASTING. * See our home page for more info. Reported benefits of gong sound healing: Deep, restful sleep Regained Focus & Clarity, Reduced Anxiety & Stress Improved Concentration & Memory Enhanced Creativity Improved Mood Relieved & Reduced Pain And more... Sleep Alignment, combined with sound healing, is a powerful combo that leads to a calm, rested mind and body and better health. Learning and connecting with others in this group setting can help eliminate any feelings of isolation and be deeply impactful. When you know you're not alone in your health challenges, it can empower you to work through difficult experiences that lead to positive outcomes.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancelation Policy

Please note: Please provide 48 hours notice prior to appointment for cancellations. There is a 3.5% Bank Transaction fee for ANY refund requests due to cancellation. Please be sure you can attend the session prior to scheduling. Service credits for emergency cancellations may be considered to be used at a later date (without fees) in place of refunds. No refunds for appointments, program sessions, retreats or workshops not attended. Programs, Retreats and Workshops require 10 day notice for refund request. Thank you for honoring our time. We look forward to hosting you.

Contact Details

  • 3616 Soderburg Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA


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