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Meet Your Hosts

 Patty is a former, respected teacher, popular Certified Sleep Coach, Health & Life Coach, and Certified Sound Healer. A Family & Consumer Sciences Specialist, she helps women heal through midlife.  A highly effective teacher, she teaches classes, speaks, and coaches others locally on Sleep Hygiene, Aligning with Natural Rhythms, Health & Wellness, and Life Management through Mindfulness. She is the owner

of Crazy Wise Healing and co-owner of Rocky Mt. Gong Journeys with her husband, Andrew.

After being given multiple medical diagnoses while dealing with chronic pain, unexplained

weight gain and zero energy to live life,  she took matters into her own hands as conventional medicine approaches failed her.  With proper support, she healed herself from a lifetime of health challenges

by learning to align with her natural rhythms, and by following a mind, body & spirit road map. 

Since becoming a coach and sound healer she has also helped many others

discover their roadblocks, and shift their beliefs and habits and that keep them stuck in "sickness".  

A lifelong lover of learning and challenging her brain and body, She enjoys engaging with others

on topics surrounding whole health and wellness.  She is an avid hiker, animal empath, nature & dog lover

and consumer of holistic health information, a partaker in self-inquiry and spiritual exploration,

and an appreciator of the gifts that Earth and our Universe provides. 

Patty sees The Gong as a gateway for those, like herself, who struggled with attaining deeply relaxing and enlightening meditative states. Regular sessions with The Gong has allowed Patty to release emotional and physical blockages stored in her body and become open to unlimited possibilities, allowing her to live

more contently, and be present in daily life. 

Andrew is a life-time culinary master, well-known restaurateur and music aficionado. He enjoys hiking, gardening, fishing and relaxing with the guitar, uke or mandolin. A believer in the mystic, living with intention, and respecting the Earth and Cosmos he has awakened to connecting with his highest self and expanding consciousness for the greater good. For Andrew, The Gong allows him to tune into his heart and true essence and explore his spiritual core. He has never felt more connected to an instrument as he does The Gong. 

Since The Gong came into their lives, Patty and Andrew truly live in abundance in the beautiful foothills of Fort Collins with their 2 rescue dogs. Married for 36 years, they have 2 wonderful, grown daughters that inspire them everyday.

Our Story

A Life of Balance

We believe our modern lifestyles are not conducive to thriving.

We have been transformed by The Gong and want to share it with you so that you may live a life full of joy, gratitude,

and free of fear and self-judgement. These feelings

inform and guide our practices at Rocky Mountain Gong Journeys,

as we focus on helping clients awaken to their true self.  

We offer community events and private sessions as well as Transformational Whole Health/Wellness Coaching and healing programs to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds.

Pic: The Golden House Gong Studio at inception. 

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