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Meet Your Hosts

Patty is a former teacher, Certified Gong Healing Practitioner, Certified Health & Life Coach, Licensed Esthetician-, and CSU Family & Consumer Sciences Graduate. 

A lifelong lover of learning and challenging her brain and body, She enjoys engaging with others on topics surrounding whole health and wellness.  She is an avid hiker, nature & dog lover and consumer of holistic health information, a partaker in self-inquiry and spiritual exploration, and an appreciator of the gifts that Earth and our Universe provides.  Patty sees The Gong as a gateway for those, like herself, who struggle with attaining deeply relaxing and enlightening meditative states. With regular gong sessions Patty experiences significantly less tension in her head, neck and shoulders and has almost eliminated the need for the chiropractic care she often sought weekly. 

Andrew is a life-time culinary master, well-known restaurateur and music aficionado. He enjoys hiking, gardening, fishing and relaxing with the guitar, uke or mandolin. A believer in the mystic, living with intention, and respecting the Earth and Cosmos he has awakened to connecting with his highest self and expanding consciousness for the greater good. For Andrew, The Gong allows him to tune into his heart and true essence and explore his spiritual core. He has never felt more connected to an instrument as he does The Gong. 

Since The Gong came into their lives, Patty and Andrew truly live in abundance in the beautiful foothills of Fort Collins with their 2 rescue dogs, Yadi and Nova. They have 2 wonderful, grown daughters, Lauren and Allie, that inspire them everyday. Come gong or hike with them!

Patty also operates Crazy Wise Healing where she helps people create whole health through mind, body, and spirit transformation. Coaching is offered in-person, via Zoom and hybrid. 


Interested in Deeper Healing?
Join a program with full support from Patty, CHC, CSH

Focused on Whole Health

I once took a very effective 2 week long class to begin learning Spanish. The teacher and the method were incredible and it felt easy to learn and apply. I was speaking with classmates and reading/understanding chapter books after only a few days. I was so excited. I couldn't believe how easy it felt and how proud of myself I was for being such a “good student". Then the class was over and I went home to my non-Spanish speaking family/friends. I tried to keep up and read a few more books but the books were getting more difficult and I didn't have anyone to engage with in Spanish on a daily basis. Eventually, I lost interest and gave up. I barely remember anything from that class now. I am still disappointed with myself.

So, why am I telling you this?

I believe that learning to be healthy is just like learning a new language. If you don't have anyone to help you keep the conversation going, it’s hard to practice. It can get really difficult and frustrating and you can lose interest and motivation. This is why a health coach is so practical and valuable. I help you keep the conversations and the practice going. My coaching plans always include using text and email for support between sessions, The Gong, Light and Energy work at no extra charge. 

Click the link to discover how you can transform your mind, body, & spirit.

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