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Past Life Regression Work

Carefully guided sessions with a Past Life Regression Specialist, these powerful sessions can be done online via Zoom

or in-person at our tranquil studio in the foothills, located near

Fort Collins, CO. 

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Move Forward with a Guided Past Life Regression Session

Clients often tell of spontaneous past life regression experiences while in their gong healing sessions. Sometimes this can create more questions than answers. With Patty's careful and professional guidance in a Past Life Regression (PLR) session you have the opportunity to go deeper and gain more insight and meaning to questions such as:

Why do I do ___?
Why do I feel___?
What does ___ mean in my life?
What lessons do I need to learn in this lifetime?
What is my soul purpose?

Through safe guidance, you have the ability to access memories and experiences of your current and past lives that can aid in answering your lingering questions but may not be readily available to your conscious mind.

PLR Sessions can also aid in:
Addressing phobias and fears
Resolving relationship, or health challenges
Moving past limiting beliefs
Processing dreams, visions, desires
Understanding negative patterns
And more...

During a PLR session you are always safe and in-control in a deeply relaxed state, able to tap into your subconscious and superconscious for pertinent information. This is not Hollywood stage antics but a seriously effective means that allows a certified past life regression professional to facilitate the process of moving the conscious part of your mind out of the way, enabling you to access your subconscious brain. The part of your brain that controls 90% of your daily activity. That seemingly hidden place where answers to what ails us lies.


All sessions are professional, confidential and without judgement of any kind. The goal of PLR is healing! 


You may never know if you never ask. 

Sessions are offered online via Zoom and in-person in our tranquil, foothills space. With and in-person session you have the option of 'settling your mind/body period' with the sounds and vibrations our deepest gongs before beginning your PLR session. Many clients find that this helps them to relax more fully and go deeper into their subconscious.  

Please message Patty with any questions.

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