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Well-Being Wednesdays
New Sessions Now Open!
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Private, Small Group Women's Retreats

No need to feel overwhelmed with details trying to gather your favorite women for quality time. Let us do the work while you focus on your sacred connections with self, nature, and others. 
Scheduling now for August + Sept.

Personal and community programs with us

might be right for you.

Take a moment to self-reflect.  Consider joining one of our personal or community programs to improve your health and well-being.


What are my strengths & weaknesses as a woman, man, mom, dad, partner, friend, etc.?What areas of life am I strong?What areas need improvement? Am I ready to take action?

Reach the Top

What are my personal and professional goals?

Am I able to set and follow through with short/long term goals for my career and personal life? Am I ready to live with intention?


Can I maintain work/life balance?How does my workload affect my personal life? Does my career overwhelm me? Can I avoid burnout?


Am I supported?

Do I have reliable support systems in place with people that understand my needs and help me gain perspective?

Meditating by the Pool

Am I honestly evaluating and caring for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health?Does my activity level, daily routines, eating habits, emotional and mental states, relationships, and sleep patterns add to or subtract from my well-being?  Can I tune into my mind, body, and spirit needs and take action where needed?

Confetti Storm

Do I experience joy often in my life?

Am I able to practice and participate in hobbies and interests that spark creativity, elicit happiness, foster connection and balance?

Not ready for a community program? Click Book online to try a private session.

Book Private or Community Sessions

Personal and private group sessions can be booked here by clicking Book Personal and Private.

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Community Sessions can be booked by clicking See Public Events

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