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School Wellness Sessions 

As a former teacher, I understand the need for attention to mental wellness and self-care.

I can tailor sessions to accommodate a variety of ages and participants while keeping it fun and engaging.  Sessions can be part health, part science as well as a lesson on mindfulness. Click the Learn more button for more information.

During our gong sessions, the process of entrainment takes place

in the brain, when the brainwaves sync with the frequencies of the gongs,

acclimating and unifying.  This can create a general harmony

and balance within our minds, bodies, and spirits.


The sounds of the gongs can help people reach deeply relaxing brainwave states that aid in greater stillness, contentment, creativity, and focus, as well as a feeling of healing as it moves one out of the sympathetic nervous response of fight, flight or freeze, and into the parasympathetic response of rest and repair and heal.


Students often report having profound experiences of overall peace, calm, and clarity, replacing feelings anxiety or overwhelm. 

Providing this popular service for your staff, students, and families  shows that you value the wellness of your school community and are taking care to provide accessible, appropriate experiences that enhance well-being.

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Wellness for Groups
School Wellness
Workplace Wellness
Private Small and Large Groups

A Sound and Vibration Transformation

Now more than ever, people are seeking alternative ways to live more peaceful lives and navigate a modern lifestyle.  Since the pandemic, the need for healing and peace has skyrocketed. Schedule your group today at our site or yours.

School Wellness Sessions

Nurture Relationships * Reduce Stress * Show Appreciation

Have Gong Will Travel - Looking for uplifting experiences for your school community? We come to you!


Consider scheduling some time for well-being and connection for your students/staff/families.  A fun, 2 hour event that creates connection and reduces stress. Pricing is flat fee and surprisingly comparable to similar hired events/experiences.

This particular service is beneficial to most everyone.  There is no experience or background knowledge required. Participants will become more relaxed and less distracted with greater focus, creativity and productivity. 

This service shows your school community that you care about their health and wellness are taking action to meet their needs. 

Contact us with any questions. We have gonged for many local schools with great success!

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Group Sessions for Work

Can be scheduled at our site or yours.


Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?  Do you wish you could experience deep relaxation, reduction of stress and anxiety, gain clarity, and improve your focus? Looking to connect and share with others who may understand your desires, needs, and challenges?  Enter, The Gong Sound Bath Experience.  If you're ready to be your best and feel your best, come journey with us and build community and nurture relationships along the way.  


A gong sound bath is great way to decompress and renew. Creating positive relationships with others brings us closer and improves our quality of life so that we can be healthy and thrive.


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