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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We have 2 locations. Our beautiful foothills studio (3616 Soderburg Dr.)  is about 15 minutes west of Fort Collins near Horsetooth Reservoir and Horsetooth Mountain. Here we offer community and private, personal and small group sessions up to 12-14ish people. We also offer outdoor sessions here. 


Our quaint Old Town location (405 Mathews St.)  is near the intersection of Mathews and Magnolia just a block north of Mulberry.  In Old Town we offer private, personal, small group, and community sessions up to 5 participants.  Please be sure to schedule and get directions for the location you wish to attend. 


What is so special about a gong session?

Gongs have been used for thousands of years in ceremonies, healing, and communication.  Sessions are often referred to as sound healing or sound therapy.  Attending a gong sessions is so much more than simply listening to music.   Gongs, combined with a particular style of playing, produce a vast range of complex frequencies that sort of “perplex” the brain, allowing it to enter into states most of us often don’t experience due to our busy, stressful modern life and overthinking.  The mind finds it challenging to follow and control the complex sounds of The Gong and can enter into entrainment,  beneficial modified brainwave states varying from creativity and clarity, to deeply relaxing meditative states and more. The experience is especially great for those who feel resistant to meditation or relaxation in general.  

Participants often report:

  • Feelings of Intense joy & gratitude for life

  • Mystical, dream-like state of exploration

  • Deep, spiritual  connections

  • Profound clarity or knowing

  • Reduced anxiety & stress

  • Recalled Memory and/or focus

  • Deep emotional release

  • Cerebral High

  • Relieved or reduced pain

  • Deep, restful sleep + more


Who are the people that attend gong sessions?

We often provide services for therapists, teachers, healthcare professionals, veterans,  those with stressful occupations, and more. We've facilitated profound experiences for all ages 7-97! No matter your background or occupation, if you are living and breathing in this modern world, most people can benefit from our sessions.  You are welcome here!

Why do people attend?

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons including:

  • Wanting to deeply relax and release physical and mental stress

  • To get relief from pain from a chronic condition

  • To get focus and clarity processing big decisions or challenges

  • To have a mystical or spiritual experience that is enlightening, fun or entertaining

  • To celebrate special events in their lives

  • To level up their meditation/relaxation game and improve their health and well-being with regular practice.

  • And more

What is a gong session like? 

 In our gong sessions, wearing comfortable clothes, you are seated or lying on a comfortable chair or full body mat with a pillow and blanket. You are settled in with a verbally guided relaxation routine before being “bathed” in the sounds and vibrations of the gong(s). Most people find it extremely soothing and satisfying, allowing them to step outside of their overthinking brain and deeply relax both physically and mentally. Many describe seeing vivid shapes and colors or having profound, mystical, dream-like journeys. Some fall into a wonderful, restorative sleep. Most everyone “awakes” feeling refreshed and renewed with a smile on their face.


Do I need to bring anything?

If you are scheduling your session at our foothills location, you do not need to bring anything unless you would prefer your own mat, blanket, and pillow. Everything is provided, including mats, bolsters, blankets, pillows, and eye masks.  If scheduling a community session out and about or at our Old Town location, you will need to bring items to allow you to be most comfortable.


When should I arrive?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before start time to use the restroom and settle in.


How long does it last?

The actual gong playing can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes for most community events. Times vary for private appointments. For community events, the total time spent is typically no more than about 90 minutes.  If your session is at The Golden House, we invite you to stay a few minutes after, build community, and enjoy some delicious, fruity tea, a guest favorite!

What if I wear a hearing aid?

Many people choose to remove their hearing aids during sessions but that is a choice for you to make.


Are there any contraindications?

Possibly. It may not be suitable for pregnancy, people with pacemakers or other implants, those suffering from serious heart conditions, acute or serious mental health problems, or those who may suffer from sound-induced epilepsy. If you are in any doubt about your suitability to attend these sessions, please consult your medical practitioner for advice.

How can I contact you with questions?

Feel free to call/text 970-344-9882, or send us an email at

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