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Don't Miss Our 2 Hour Gong Journey!

Go a Little Deeper this Friday at The Golden House 

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Rocky Mountain Gong Journeys

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Book Private and Community Sessions

Personal and private group sessions can be booked here by clicking Book Personal or  Private Group.

Community Sessions can be booked by clicking Book Community Sessions

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SLEEP Programming & Coaching

The most popular and highly effective program to get you sleeping better and kickstart your health. If you're not sleeping deep or long enough you will never have optimal health. This sleep program and coaching, combined with sound healing, is a powerful trio that can you sleep better now. 

Lack of sleep is an epidemic and a major cause of disease and chronic illness. As a Certified Sleep Science and Health Coach, I designed this program to help you get the sleep you need to be healthy and happy. 


Get 4 or 8 weeks of hybrid (in-person + online), Professional sleep programming and sleep coaching + sound healing, designed to support your mind/body into deep, restorative sleep. 

Sessions will meet 1x per week in person for sound healing, and 1x per week via Zoom for added support, actionable feedback and programming to keep you sleeping well.

Have Gong Will Travel

Let us come to your place (home or business)! Schedule a unique and uplifting experience for your friends, family, or colleagues today! Per person prices are surprisingly comparable to our community events. 

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Sound Healing & Spa Gift Cards Available

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Women Supporting Women

Most 1st and 3rd Sundays and periodic Thursday evenings  at The Golden House - Schedule this session on

 The Gong for Self-Care Intensive: - Join us in the beautiful foothills of Fort Collins, CO for our all-day, in-person workshop where you will learn how to heal your mind, body, and spirit, and create a new road map to health by learning to play The Gong, understanding the science and application of sound healing for self, and participating in other powerful healing practices you can implement immediately to kickstart your healing. 
Special Pricing only $499
 Space is limited to maximize learning.
Next Intensive begins  February
, 2023 - 

Community Gong Scheduling

Please go to

to view, schedule and reserve a spot at one of our Community Gong Sound Bath events in Midtown Fort Collins.


*Community Gong Sound Baths and large events held at Aikido FC, 3521 S. Mason, Fort Collins.

*Smaller events held at The Golden House, near Horsetooth Mt. in Fort Collins. 



Click BOOK ONINE at top of site to schedule PRIVATE sessions at The Golden House.

Have Gong will Travel - Hire us to facilitate a session at your site.


Keep scrolling or contact us for more information.

Don't see a time that fits your needs?  Contact us.

Our Story

A Life of Balance

We believe our modern lifestyles are not conducive to thriving,  We have been transformed by gong sound & vibration healing and want to share it with you so that you may live a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of fear and self-judgement. These feelings inform and guide our practices at Rocky Mountain Gong, as we focus on helping clients awaken to their true self.  

We offer community events and private sessions as well as Transformational Whole Health/Wellness Coaching and Sleep Coaching/Programming to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds.

Pic: The Golden House Gong Studio.


What is a Gong Sound Healing Session Like?

No experience required~

Most sessions begin with some gentle breath work and energy routine to prepare the mind and body, followed by guided relaxation, lying down or in a seated position, fully clothed.  You are then "bathed" in the sounds and vibrations of The Gong to enhance deep meditation and healing. A blanket is recommended as you will cool down.

Once The Gong finishes, we process and reflect in silence and stillness for 5 minutes.  Sharing and/or journaling your experience with others is optional but may help to advance your journey. The entire experience lasts a bit longer than an hour.  

We can tailor the session to suit your needs by offering a ceremony to mark a special occasion or time in your life.

Mats, Pillows, blankets and eye masks are now provided at The Golden House. Comfortable chairs provided for those unable to lay on the mat.  Feel free to bring your own if it feels right for you. 

Zen Stones

Reported benefits from Gong Sound Healing

Improved Sleep
Regained Focus & Clarity
Reduced Anxiety & Stress
Improved Concentration & Memory
Released Negative Emotions

Released Trauma

Enhanced Creativity
Improved Mood
Relieved & Reduced Pain

Stimulated Altered States of Consciousness
Less Reactive Behavior, More Proactive behavior

And So Much More ~


Individual Gong Session = LONGER, CUSTOMIZED GONG TIME

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PERSONAL, PRIVATE sessions are typically low, slow and consistent with extended gong playing time ~45 minutes for best healing effects.  Here, we hold a healing intention and space for your journey with compassion and non-judgement. There is room for customization with a private session as well.  You can be "in charge" of intensity and depth of feeling...whatever feels right for your needs. 

With a private session you can experience deep relaxation, reduction of stress and anxiety,  improve your sleep. You may also experience a release of physical or emotional blockages and relief from pain from acute and chronic conditions.  A personal, private session allows you to have a unique, enlightening experience for personal growth.  

DOGS on premises at THE GOLDEN HOUSE  - Our rescues, Yadi and Nova will happily greet you upon arrival and retreat to their space.  They enjoy receiving The Gong and give it 2 paws up!.

Schedule your Personal, Private Gong Sound Healing Session today.


What to Expect in a Private Session

We typically begin your session with a gentle energy technique to calm the nervous system and prepare for deep healing.  You are then seated in a soft, comfortable lounge chair, mat, or chaise of your liking and verbally guided into relaxing your body. Using our most effective healing gongs, handmade, incredibly intelligent instruments with deep, mystical & powerful frequencies, your  body and mind can safely transition from a fright, flight or freeze stress condition into a more optimal rest, digest and heal condition. The complex, profound tones of The Gong also allow your thoughts to flow for gentle examination and release.


Once The Gong finishes, you process in silence and stillness for 5 minutes.  


Pillows, blankets and eye masks are provided at The Golden House location only.    Feel free to bring your own if it feels right for you. 


Dogs on premises at THE GOLDEN HOUSE  - Our rescues, Yadi and Nova will happily greet you upon arrival and retreat to their space.  They enjoy receiving The Gong and give it 2 paws up!

Come experience A Sound & Vibration Transformation

Release - Receive - Renew

Small or Large Group - Employee and School Wellness - Celebratory Occasions

A Sound and Vibration Transformation

Now more than ever, people are seeking alternative ways to live more peaceful lives and navigate a modern lifestyle.  Since the pandemic, the need for healing and peace has skyrocketed. Schedule your group today at our site or yours.

Private Group Sessions

Flow of Mind

Can be scheduled at our site or yours.


Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?  Do you wish you could experience deep relaxation, reduction of stress and anxiety, gain clarity, and improve your focus? Looking to connect and share with others who may understand your desires, needs, and challenges?  Enter, The Gong Sound Bath Experience.  If you're ready to be your best and feel your best, come journey with us and build community and nurture relationships along the way.  


A gong sound bath is great way to decompress and renew. Creating positive relationships with others brings us closer and improves our quality of life so that we can be healthy and thrive.

 The Golden House can accommodate up to 12 at this time.  Email us to schedule your private individual or group session.

Colorful Friends

Employee & School Wellness

Nurture Relationships * Reduce Stress * Show Appreciation

Have Gong Will Travel - Looking for uplifting experiences for a group?


Consider scheduling some time for well-being and connection for your employees/students/staff/families.  A fun, 2 hour event that creates connection and reduces stress. Pricing is flat fee and surprisingly comparable to similar hired events/experiences.

This particular service is beneficial to everyone.  There is no experience or background knowledge required. Employees, students, staff, and families will soon become more relaxed and less distracted with greater focus, creativity and productivity. 

This service shows your community that you care about their health and wellness are taking action to meet their needs. 

Contact us for more information.

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