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Summer Edition :)

June 9-11, 2023

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Learn to Play The Gong!

An Accelerated, Hands-On Healing Intensives +
Ongoing Support to Improve your skills.


Transcend -  A Sisterhood + Sound Healing
Women's Group Program

Group sound healing + sisterhood connection and support to help you transcend the bullshit!. Group meets Tuesdays @ 7pm.

Scheduling Now Open:

School Wellness Sessions 

With Spring Fever setting in students, staff, and families can feel a bit restless. Sometimes getting to the end of May feels like a climb.

 Finish strong by supporting them with this unique,

effective wellness experience. 

A gong session (the term gong bath is officially trademarked in the  U.S.),

is a form of sound healing growing in popularity as a modern healing technique.

In a session, participants lay comfortably on mats or sit in a chair and are immersed in the sounds and vibrations of the gong, two large gongs in our case, for at least 30 minutes. No background knowledge or experience is required and it can be viewed as a form of relaxation, mindfulness, or meditation accessible to most anyone, rather than another item on your list of things to do.

During these sound sessions, the process of entrainment takes place

in the brain, when the fluctuating brainwaves sync with the frequencies of the gongs, acclimating and unifying.  This can create a general harmony

and balance within our minds, bodies, and spirits.


The sounds of the gongs can help people reach deeply relaxing brainwave states that aid in greater stillness, contentment, creativity, focus, and clarity as well as natural healing as it moves one out of the sympathetic nervous response of fight, flight or freeze, and into the parasympathetic response of rest and repair. 

Providing this popular service for your staff, students, and families  shows that you value the mental wellness of your school community and are taking care to provide appropriate experiences that enhance well-being. School sessions can last in total between 60-90 minutes depending upon needs. $200 Local -Special offer through May.

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Women's Health Alignment

As a Certified Sleep & Health Coach, and Sound Healing Facilitator, 

I help women who feel anxious, stressed, and low energy align

with their essential, life-giving rhythms 

to restore health and vital energy so they can feel renewed,

serene, spirited and capable again

to work and play as their lifestyle and desires command. 

Notebooks and Scissor

Rocky Mountain Gong Journeys

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Book Private and Community Sessions

Personal and private group sessions can be booked here by clicking Book Personal or  Private Group.


Community Sessions can be booked by clicking Book Community Sessions

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Have Gong Will Travel

Let us come to your place (home or business)! Schedule a unique and uplifting experience for your friends, family, or colleagues today! Per person prices are surprisingly comparable to our community events. 

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Women Supporting Women

Most 1st and 3rd Sundays and periodic Thursday evenings  at The Golden House - Schedule this session on

What is a Gong Sound Healing Session Like?

No experience required~ Beginners Welcome!

Most sessions begin with some gentle breath work and energy routine to prepare the mind and body, followed by guided relaxation, lying down or in a seated position, fully clothed.  You are then "bathed" in the sounds and vibrations of The Gong to enhance deep meditation and healing. A blanket is recommended as you will cool down.

Once The Gong finishes, we process and reflect in silence and stillness for 5 minutes.  Sharing and/or journaling your experience with others is optional but may help to advance your journey. The entire experience lasts a bit longer than an hour.  

We can tailor the session to suit your needs by offering a ceremony to mark a special occasion or time in your life.

Mats, Pillows, blankets and eye masks are now provided at The Golden House. Comfortable chairs provided for those unable to lay on the mat.  Feel free to bring your own if it feels right for you. 

Zen Stones

Reported benefits from Gong Sessions with us:

Improved Sleep
Regained Focus & Clarity
Reduced Anxiety & Stress
Improved Concentration & Memory
Released Negative Emotions

Released Trauma

Enhanced Creativity
Improved Mood

Improved Digestion
Relieved & Reduced Pain

Stimulated Altered States of Consciousness
Less Reactive Behavior, More Proactive behavior

And So Much More ~





In your personal, private session we hold healing intentions and a safe space for your journey with compassion and non-judgement.

There is room for customization with a private session as well.  

With a private session you can experience deep relaxation, reduction of stress and anxiety, improve your sleep.

You may also experience a release of physical or emotional blockages and relief from pain from acute and chronic conditions.  

A personal, private session allows you to have a unique, enlightening experience for personal growth.  

DOGS on premises at THE GOLDEN HOUSE 

Our rescues, Yadi and Nova will happily greet you upon arrival and retreat to their space. 

They enjoy receiving The Gong and give it 2 paws up!.

Schedule your Personal, Private Gong Sound Healing Session today.

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